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Obligatory Welcome to the Neighbourhood Post

So, this is it. I think I may have mentioned it to some of you, but here it is. Read the User Info, please. For the moment posting is open to all, members and non, and I think that what we will do is friends-lock entries that contain sensitive information, ie: phone numbers, addresses, meeting places and times. I strongly reccommend that if you are viewing this page from a non-member account, that you get an account now. It's easy, and simple, and extremely useful, and it means you get to read whatever really important stuff I or anyone else might flake out and forget to e-mail to the list, heh.

Be advised that we now have an actual room number for our wonderful first meeting: January 23rd, from 7-9pm, in AQ5039. Please come, or post and say you would but you could, but you can't, if this is so, so that we know whether or not we need to have a second not-so-official-but-for-administrative-purposes meeting later in the week.

Note: this will probably *not* be our regular meeting time or day, or for that matter, place. This is a meeting to determine, mostly, what days are good for everyone, what times, and to take care of some administrative business, ie: to collect fees from people who haven't paid and still want to join, to do the Win a Free Book drawing advertised at our Clubs Days table, to verify people's information, and, as we mentioned to many of you, to see what people are interested in doing, as a club.

I now declare this community open. Mix, mingle, and post.
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