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SFSS Cinema

So the folks down at SFSS Cinema won’t really be having time to continue their weekly screenings. But, maybe we can. I could talk to Erica and get us permission to take over the weekly screenings. Then we can show whatever we want.*

* By “whatever we want”, I mean “as long as its covered by Criterion pics.

Also, if no one else minds, I’ll start posting some of my favorite genre-related online videos. I’ve got so many picks that it would be a crime not to share. On deck: Action Plant Rescue Squad.

NO WAIT, it’s a absurd sword-and-sorcery double-bill:
Unicorns L.A.

Give us your money! (Redux)

As it turns out, you have one last in-person chance to pay your membership fees: Aimee and I will be in the Rotunda tomorrow between 2pm and 3pm, accepting fees and signatures if either still applies to you.

Otherwise, barring special circumstances, like your swearing on the head of your firstborn that we may safely temporarily cover your fees for Friday (which are, indeed, *special* circumstances), you'll be removed from the official list. Again, you can still join, but what you join will be a slightly poorer club, so there's obviously a bias, here. ;)

Hope to see you tomorrow, if we need to see you.
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Checking In

I was told at our meeting tonight that a lot of people couldn't get into the SFUSFFC LiveJournal community. This would be because I sent out the wrong one. LiveJournal altered all their URLs this weekend, and I forgot about it. So. Er.

Anyway, if you're here, you've obviously figured it out. You can view public posts without an account, but as public posts will soon be a thing of the past, I highly reccommend you get an LJ account of your very own. (It's easy. Go here.)

As for our first real meeting - there will be a more coherent update when I'm not falling asleep on my feet, but it looks like Mondays at 5:30pm came out as the favourite for regular and semi-regular meetings, our next regular meeting being planned for the week after next. Which is not to say, of course, that all events will be held Mondays, so even if you can't make meetings, other things will be possible.

And another, repetitive reminder that if you haven't paid your membership fee by the end of the week, your name will be taken off the official membership list. This means, unfortunately, that some screening events will be off-limits, due to some pesky international copyright laws that boil down to us only allowing members into showings of licensed media. The clubs package is due on the 27th, at 2:30pm, so that's our deadline. You can join at any time, of course, but the more names we have at time of submission, the bigger the budget we're awarded, so paying now is in everyone's best interest.

If you would like to pay, but couldn't make it tonight (as the second meeting is looking less feasible), please respond to this e-mail, or post to the LJ community, with a convenient time and place at which one of us might meet you and collect your fee. If this is totally impossible, and you still want to pay, and you really, truly *want* to join, we can cover a limited number of people on IOU until our next event. But as this is on a case-by-case basis, we'll see.

And now it's midnight, and I'll bid you all good night.
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SHAM VOTING DAY: VOTE ANYWAY! (Public Service Announcement)

That's right, folks. Today is save us from Harper Voting Day.

Polls are open 7am to 7pm your local time. If you aren't on the list, you can still vote by going to the polling station assigned you by Elections Canada (, and enter your postal code), with a document bearing your name, address, and signature (like a driver's license or provincial ID). If you're away at school, you vote in the riding where your school is located. If you have no proof-of-identity documents, you can still vote by taking somebody who *is* registered and swearing an oath that you are eligible. If you are a Canadian Citizen, you get to vote. Simple as that.

All of these votes still count, regardless of what silly rumours you may hear that late votes or unregistered votes don't get counted. In fact, ironically, the votes that get counted last are the early ones - and they *still* get counted. Remember - we're Canada. We count our votes by hand and we do it in one evening. Just one of the things that makes this country slightly less amusing than America awesome.

Your employer is required by law to give you three hours in which to vote, so take it! And remember: if you don't vote, and I hear you bitching Tuesday about the way things are run, I will go off on you like a frigging grenade. Political bitching in this country is a privilege, and there's a cover-charge. So get your ass out to your polling station, put an "X" in a little box, and pay it.
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Obligatory Welcome to the Neighbourhood Post

So, this is it. I think I may have mentioned it to some of you, but here it is. Read the User Info, please. For the moment posting is open to all, members and non, and I think that what we will do is friends-lock entries that contain sensitive information, ie: phone numbers, addresses, meeting places and times. I strongly reccommend that if you are viewing this page from a non-member account, that you get an account now. It's easy, and simple, and extremely useful, and it means you get to read whatever really important stuff I or anyone else might flake out and forget to e-mail to the list, heh.

Be advised that we now have an actual room number for our wonderful first meeting: January 23rd, from 7-9pm, in AQ5039. Please come, or post and say you would but you could, but you can't, if this is so, so that we know whether or not we need to have a second not-so-official-but-for-administrative-purposes meeting later in the week.

Note: this will probably *not* be our regular meeting time or day, or for that matter, place. This is a meeting to determine, mostly, what days are good for everyone, what times, and to take care of some administrative business, ie: to collect fees from people who haven't paid and still want to join, to do the Win a Free Book drawing advertised at our Clubs Days table, to verify people's information, and, as we mentioned to many of you, to see what people are interested in doing, as a club.

I now declare this community open. Mix, mingle, and post.
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